A song is never complete without the drums. As a drummer, you give life, rhythm and excitement to the song. Master the technique of drumming, learn to perform exciting drum fills, and groove to pop and rock styles with this course.

We invite anyone with an interest in drums, with or without musical background, to enrol in our drum course. We offer the course at the Beginner and Intermediate level.
Students can sign up for an Assessment lesson with our teacher to check out which level to start from.


  • Hand Technique
  • Basic drum rudiments
  • Basic sticking exercises
  • Simple chart-reading
  • Quarter note grooves
  • 8th note grooves & fills
  • 16th note groove & fills
  • Pop & Rock styles
  • Basic drum fill concepts


  • Foot technique
  • Advanced drum rudiments
  • Further chart-reading (Improvisation)
  • 16th note Snare & Bass drum patterns
  • Introduction to Shuffle & Blues rhythms
  • Left-hand independence & embellishments
  • Hand & feet combination
  • Accent & Syncopation studies
  • Advanced grooves
  • Advanced drum fill concepts