Instrumental Courses


The piano is the most popular musical instrument in the world. The piano’s versatility, availability and its unique and well loved musicality makes it the chief musical instrument to be used in composing, rehearsal and performance of solo or ensemble / accompaniment.

Through this course, the student will:

  • Develop a love for the piano and music in general.
  • Master music literacy – seeing what you hear and hearing what you see – to make future music learning more meaningful.
  • Learn or hone the technique of playing the piano.
  • Be able to create you very own music and delight in the joy of music making, solo with friends
  • Go through graded examinations (Grade 1-8) and Diploma in Music Teaching / Performance.

Course details:

  • Mastering piano techniques through technical exercise
  • Piano repertoire
  • Aural training
  • Music theory
  • Preparation for Music Examination Board Practical & Theory Examinations
  • Gospel songs (Optional)
  • Music improvisation (Optional)


If you have been an ardent admirer of the soothing, magical sound of the violin, and wants to learn it, then this course is for you. The violin is an essential component of an orchestra, and is increasingly popular in pop songs. Playing the violin is no easy feat. Especially if you are a beginner, but everyone, even legendary violinists, journey with the violin course that Psalms Music School offers and rest assured that you will go through the right learning system under the close guidance of our teachers.


Course details:

  • Technical exercises
  • Bowing technique
  • Violin repertoire
  • Aural training
  • Preparation Music Examination Board Practical & Theory Examinations
  • Gospel Songs (Optional)
  • Music improvisation (Optional)



The classical guitar is a 6-stringed plucked string instrument from the family of instruments called chordophones. The classical guitar is well known for its comprehensive right hand technique, which allows the soloist to perform complex melodic and polyphonic material, in much the same manner as the piano.

Course details:

  • Mastering he various techniques of playing the classical guitar e.g. plucking, strumming
  • Classical guitar repertoire
  • Aural Training
  • Music literacy
  • Preparation for Music Examination Board Practical & Theory Examinations
  • Gospel Song (Optional)