About us

Psalms Music School

We Listen with our ears and respond with our hearts
We express with our hands what we feel in our soul

About Us

Psalms Music aims to give the neighbourhood a music centre that will provide good quality music education and development for the children living in the area.

  • We want to create a climate in which the students can experience continuous musical, intellectual, and emotional growth
  • foster the growth of the students in such a way that they become independent learners
  • bring the joy of making music to the students.

Teaching to play a musical instrument is not just about learning music. It is an opportunity to enhance and expand other life’s other skills:

  • good communications via expression
  • patience through perseverance; and
  • confidence with practice, and finding joy in sharing.

Music plays an integral part of each student’s education as well as their own self expression. As music educators, it is our responsibility to provide well prepared quality instruction to help our students realize their individual potential and abilities. It is our belief that every student, no matter what challenges they are faced with, can benefit from music instruction