Little 3


COURSES – Little 3

~ Music Foundation Course for 3-year-olds ~

Course Introduction:

Our customised music course is specially designed for 3-year-olds. We believe in developing “inner skills” for building a good musical foundation through singing, moving to music and creativity in music.

Through exposure to various musical activities that target our 3-year-old’s intelligence and physical development, our course aims to integrate pure enjoyment of music with professional musical training for our children.

Course Targets:

  • Develop good sense of musical hearing and rhythm
  • Build up good foundation for further music learning
  • In tune with sensory-motor development of children
  • Promote musical expression and self-confidence


  • Music and movement
  • Musical literacy
  • Musical games to learn and reinforce skills for rhythm, pitch, listening, singing, etc
  • Ensemble